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We're delighted you chose to check us out! The Pravis Ed community provides support to both children and their parents. In our village we don’t just help little ones with their homework, we encourage them towards realizing their full potential. It’s never too early to start shooting for the stars, and we want your little rocket to go as far as they possibly can.

So join us! Your family is ours too.

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More About Us

At Pravis we know that family life can be hectic and sometimes it's difficult to juggle the whirlwind of commitments. That's why we're here to help! 


Our seasoned tutors ensure that your children build a solid foundation for their future. We don’t just help students pass one assignment or test, we push to establish a firm understanding of the concepts being taught at school so that they can pass anything.


Our aim is not to cause more anxiety or stress with additional work. Rather, we strive to help your child navigate tough homework assignments, not by giving them the correct answer, but by assisting with misunderstood concepts and encouraging critical thinking. 


The best part? You get all this from the comfort of your home! 

Pravis Ed is totally online.

How Does it Work?

Receive your session link

Look out for an email with your tutoring session link

Look out for your confirmation email

1. Your confirmation email will include the date and time of your session and your tutor's name

2. You will be required to upload your child's assignment.

Book your session

We offer homework help to students from the kindergarten level to grade 6 (ages 5 -12). We have a simple process to book your sessions:

  1.  Select a subject

  2.  Choose your tutor

  3.  Book any available session that works with your schedule

Our Tutors 

Our tutors have over 7 years of experience working with students. They have exposure to multiple education systems and are masters of what it takes to build a firm educational foundation. They are diligent in ensuring that students solidify what they learn. 

They are experts at bringing lessons to life!



" Hi, I'm Stephanie! I love to learn, but I enjoy teaching even more! I'm an avid reader, a serial documentary watcher, and a mind builder.  I use these varied methods of researching to absorb as much information as possible, and then I do what I'm best at - I create engaging methods that will explain concepts clearly to kids! Come learn and play with my sock poppet Muffin, win awards with smiley face Joe or jump into a game of mystery 5! "



 " Hi, I'm Lesley! I believe that people learn best from examples and children are no different!  That's why I like to break difficult topics down into clear, simple parts so that I can then cement ideas with fun examples. We’ll laugh while learning together, I mean, why shouldn’t learning be fun? "



" Hi, I’m Lindsay! I love to teach! And I approach topics by breaking them down very simply, finding real-life examples that my students can relate to, and using acronyms and other neat tricks so that the information sticks (see what I did there? 😉). When I’m not in the classroom, you’ll probably find me playing video games, sleeping (rest is key!) or gardening.

I try to make learning what it should be - lots of fun! "

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Hi, my name is Shantay! I love to share my love of the arts, math, and science while building on the intrinsic curiosity of children. My goal is to provide educational assistance that is catered to the learning styles of the child. I wish to create exciting and lasting memories that instill a sense of curiosity for the world and a desire for life-long learning.


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